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The Consequences of Being Found Guilty of a Title IX Violation


The federal Title IX law states that all universities are required to investigate crimes of sexual violence, complete with disciplinary hearings. Any student that is found guilty of committing a sex crime must be punished by their college, also according to Title IX.

What are the Punishments for an On-Campus Sex Crime?

Title IX violations include sexual assault, stalking, and all sex crimes committed by university students.

Students who are guilty of these crimes are subject to all of the legally-defined criminal punishments that any other defendant could face if they are found guilty of a sex crime. Time in prison, community service, and punitive fines are all potential criminal consequences of a Title IX violation.

In addition to criminal charges, the educational institution can decide on additional punishment for guilty students, in relation to their education.

These consequences can include:

  • Being expelled from the university
  • A suspension from all classes
  • Being taken out of certain courses

An accuser could also choose to pursue a civil case to receive compensation in relation to their crimes. If a civil judge rules in favor of the plaintiff, a defendant could be liable for paying the monetary amount that is decided in the case.

What to Do if You are Facing Charges

The Hammer Law Firm, LLC represents students accused of sex crimes at Washington University, Saint Louis University, University of Missouri, Maryville University, Webster University, and many other institutions. If you attend any of the schools on our list and were accused of committing a Title IX violation, contact us today to schedule a free initial case evaluation. Our experienced attorneys are available to discuss strategies for managing your case.

Call (314) 334-3807 or send us a message to get in touch with our team of attorneys.

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