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Case Results

  • Dismissal Casino Theft

    Deferred prosecution leads to dismissal on casino theft misdemeanor.

  • Reduced Sentence Burglary, Stealing & Stolen Property

    A client facing up to 119 years in prison for 17 counts of burglary, stealing, and receiving stolen property - We got him 7 years with all cases running concurrently with each other - The client will be out of prison in 12 months.

  • Dismissal Domestic Assault

    Domestic assault charges DISMISSED after Firm arranges for pretrial completion of Victim Impact Panel.

  • Successful Trial 2nd-time DWI

    Two clients with 2nd-time DWIs. We recently won their administrative hearings with the Missouri Department of Revenue, saving them from losing their driver’s licenses. Again, we won the hearings because of our trial skills!

  • Dismissal Assault & DWI

    Client was charged with 1 count of Felony Assault, 1 count of Misdemeanor Assault, and a Second DWI out of a conservative Missouri county. We secured a DISMISSAL of both his Felony and Misdemeanor Assaults and got him bench probation with no conviction on the DWI.

  • Dismissal Delivering Controlled Substance

    Young, female college student charged with the felony of Delivering a Controlled Substance to a Correctional facility in a rural Missouri county. Case dismissed by the court after the preliminary hearing because of our trial skills.

  • Declined for Prosecution Assault

    Alleged assault between domestic partners declined for prosecution after the attorney's intervention and negotiation with local law enforcement.

  • Treatment & Probation Sex-Related Charge

    Client facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years on sex-related charge receives a 120-day inpatient treatment program and probation.

  • Probation Fraud

    Southeast Asian client gets probation on white collar fraud case after a successful argument that husband directed her criminal conduct.

  • Non-Prosecution & Dismissal Domestic Assault

    The husband is accused of domestic assault and must respond to an order of protection. After successful negotiations with the divorce attorney, the wife agrees to sign an affidavit of non-prosecution and voluntarily consents to dismiss the order of protection.

  • Six Months Money Laundering

    Federal money laundering client receives only six months on a negotiated plea agreement.

  • Dismissal Perjury

    Or client was charged with the crime of perjury after testimony in a civil case. The case was dismissed after the preliminary hearing.

  • Warrants Cleared Six Warrants

    Our client was sitting in the St. Louis County jail for over a week on warrants out of six different jurisdictions. After calling The Hammer Law Firm, all of his warrants were cleared within 48 hours and he was a free man.

  • Dismissal Trespassing

    The misdemeanor trespass case was dismissed by the prosecutor on the day of trial.

  • Suspended Imposition Criminal Non-Support

    Criminal nonsupport client gets suspended imposition of sentence with no lump sum payment due and no jail time.

  • Drug Crime & Stolen Property

    Client with a lengthy criminal history, including a 10-year prison stint, faces enhanced sentences on a new felony drug case and felony stolen property case in two different counties - result?

  • Civil Resolution Tax Fraud

    Accusations of tax fraud lead to civil resolution and no criminal charges.

  • Deferred Prosecution Money Laundering

    Federal money laundering case leads to deferred prosecution and no criminal record.

  • Probation Dismissed Probation Violation

    Our client was faced with an executed sentence of 4 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections because he picked up a new criminal case while on probation for Leaving the Scene of an Accident in St. Charles County. No revocation of his probation.

  • Reduced Sentence Methamphetamine Distribution

    A client with prior drug criminal history faces methamphetamine distribution charges and significant mandatory sentences in federal court. After successful challenges to government evidence and hard-fought negotiations, the firm successfully negotiates a sentence of less than one year.

  • Dismissal Domestic Assault

    Military officer charged with domestic assault in a rural Missouri county. The charge was dismissed because of our successful negotiations with the prosecuting attorney

  • Civil Settlement Theft

    A successful civil settlement with the client's former employer who accused her of theft.

  • Possession

    Out-of-state client charged with two counts of marijuana possession and one count of drug paraphernalia.

  • Payment of Restitution Felony Stealing

    Prominent figure saved from felony stealing charges after Firm calls the police and arranges for quick payment of restitution.

  • Dismissal Failure to Register

    Failure to register the case, where the client registered 24 hours late, was dismissed after an aggressive defense.

  • Ordinance Violation Possession of Weapon

    Client inadvertently brings knife through airport screening - case reduced to a littering ordinance violation.

  • Released Child Pornography

    Child pornography suspect released on own recognizance after attorney contacts authorities before charging.

  • Charges Dropped Methamphetamine Possession

    Our client is a good man with a young family and a job who was facing felony drug charges for methamphetamine possession. We encouraged him to get treatment and worked out a manageable agreement to walk away from his criminal problem.

  • Charges Declined Rape Accusation

    A young client’s family calls when his spurned girlfriend accuses him of rape. After working closely with law enforcement, and explaining the troubled history and mental condition of the girlfriend, the prosecuting attorney elects to decline charges.

  • Case Declined Alleged Sexual Act

    18-year-old contacted by police for an alleged sexual act with a younger relative. The case was declined by the prosecutor after the defense investigation and successful negotiations with the police department.

  • Reduced Sentence Gun/Drug Crime

    Federal gun/drug case sentence successfully reduced from 20 years to less than 7.

  • Case Declined False Identification

    A young college student faces a charge of using false identification at a local casino. The police officer recommends the case be declined after meetings with counsel.

  • Plea Deal Possession

    Client was saved from marijuana and drug paraphernalia record with a plea to amended littering citation and a small fine.

  • Dismissal Marijuana Possession

    Federal misdemeanor marijuana possession (at the Gateway Arch) was dismissed on payment of court costs.

  • Dismissal Trespassing & Property Damage

    Trespassing and property damage cases DISMISSED after payment of restitution.

  • Dismissal & Probation Drug & DWI

    Client faces felony drug and DWI crimes in 3 counties - coordinated effort leads to dismissals and probation with a short period of electronic home monitoring.

  • Dismissal Manic Episode

    Woman arrested on the east coast after a manic episode. Secured release, resolved east coast citations and related theft case dismissed in St. Louis after successful diversion.

  • Dismissal Marijuana Possession

    Federal misdemeanor charge, arising out of possession of a small amount of marijuana on the Arch grounds, is dismissed!

  • Dismissal Drug Crime

    Drug case dismissed after referral to drug court.

  • Dismissal Resisting Arrest

    The client was charged with Resisting Arrest: CASE DISMISSED.

  • Reduced Sentence Pseudoephedrine Distribution

    Federal pseudoephedrine distribution (for production of meth) client receives reduced greater than 50% reduction in the sentence after variance motion.

  • Dismissal Concealed Carry Violation

    Military officer arrested by TSA for key chain pocket knife in his carry-on. Concealed carry violation DISMISSED!

  • Expungement of Record Check Fraud

    Expungement of check fraud arrest record along with successful immigration petition for NEXUS easy border crossing card.

  • Charge Ammended 2nd time DWI

    Client facing jail time on a 2nd time DWI - Prosecutor amended the charge down to “Careless and Imprudent Driving” with a fine.

  • Moved to Drug Treatment Court Drug Distribution

    Client faces up to 15 years on Class B felony drug distribution - we got him into drug treatment court!

  • Case Ends in Mistrial Sexual Misconduct

    Client free after sexual misconduct case ends in a mistrial.

  • Dismissal, Suspended Imposition & Probation Offense on Parole

    The client picked up two charges of felony stealing while on parole for drug distribution and was facing up to 30 additional years in prison. We got him a complete dismissal of one charge, a Suspended Imposition of Sentence (no conviction) on the other charge, with only 3 years of probation, AND the parole officer’s commitment to not violate his parole.

  • Dismissal Stealing & Possession

    Our client was charged with stealing, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. All charges were dismissed.

  • No Jail Time Probation Violation

    The client was on probation for driving while intoxicated (DWI) with a six-month jail backup. While on probation, the client was charged with felony DWI. After retaining The Hammer Law Firm, the client will continue probation with no jail time.

  • Three Years Probation Multiple Offenses

    A client with approximately 20 prior criminal arrests and convictions was facing up to 15 years in prison. After our legal team's skillful and relentless work, our client received only three years of probation.

  • Not Guilty Statutory Sodomy

    Client charged with 2 counts of Statutory Sodomy 1st Degree in a rural and conservative county in Missouri. After a jury trial, our client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges against him.

  • Probation Methamphetamine Distribution

    A client with health issues receives probation on a federal methamphetamine case where she was buying pseudoephedrine pills to supply her boyfriend's addiction.

  • Suspended Imposition Federal Crime

    The city prosecutor recommends 3 years in prison but the client gets suspended imposition of sentence and no jail time!

  • Treatment & Probation 1st-Degree Robbery

    The client was charged with 1st-Degree Robbery with a recommendation from the State of 15 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. After hiring The Hammer Law Firm: Drug treatment with probation and no conviction.

  • Dismissal & Community Service Felony Assault

    Mother & daughter were each charged with felony assault on a police officer after police turned against the victim of a domestic disturbance. The mother's case was dismissed at the preliminary hearing. The daughter plead to an amended misdemeanor with community service.

  • Crimes Reduced Prescription Fraud

    Five counts of felony prescription fraud were reduced to two misdemeanor counts of drug paraphernalia.

  • Case Declined Sex Offense

    Cold case sex offense declined by the prosecutor after intervention by counsel.

  • Reduced Sentence Federal Drug Crime

    Twenty-three-year-old with two priors faces mandatory life in prison on federal drug case but gets 10 years after lengthy, tough negotiations.

  • Exonerated Improper Sales

    Firearms dealer exonerated against ATF claims of improper sales.

  • Deferred Prosecution Marijuana Possession

    Client charged with marijuana possession in a conservative, rural county with a “zero tolerance” policy - Prosecutor agreed to “deferred prosecution” with the completion of a drug class.

  • Reduced Charges Domestic Assault

    Client with domestic assault charges in two different jurisdictions - All charges dropped down by the prosecutor to Littering with a fine

  • Dismissal & Reduction Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud

    The Hammer Law Firm successfully negotiated the dismissal of one count and a reduction of the other count to a misdemeanor, with no conviction and probation with the court (no reporting to a probation officer).

  • Not Guilty Statutory Sodomy

    The client, a respected professional, nearly lost everything when falsely accused of statutory sodomy by a member of the family. A guilty verdict on any count meant imprisonment for 10 years to life, not to mention a lifetime of sex offender registration.

  • Moved to Drug Treatment Court Drug Possesion

    A client with a history of serving prison time was charged with two felony drug possession charges in different jurisdictions. After successful negotiations with prosecutors, she was accepted into drug court.

  • Discharged from Probation Failure to Pay Restitution

    A client facing prison time for failure to pay restitution on a felony probation case was successfully discharged from probation!

  • Released Felony Allegations

    A Juvenile who was facing detention on serious felony allegations was released to the custody of family members!

  • Dismissal Unlawful Search

    The case involved law enforcement officers responding to a domestic assault call at our client's home. When they arrived, our client insisted that she was not a victim of domestic violence. Still, officers entered and searched her home finding legally purchased weapons and prescription medication.

  • Dismissal Failure to Comply

    Client was charged with Failure To Comply with Police Officer. After The Hammer Law Firm's successful negotiations with the prosecuting attorney, his case was dismissed!

  • Dismissal Assault on Probation

    Our client was on probation for DWI when she picked up an assault case. We got the assault case dismissed and kept our client on her original probation with no jail time or additional conditions!

  • Not Guilty On All Counts Statutory Sodomy

    The client, a respected professional, nearly lost everything when falsely accused of statutory sodomy by a member of the family. A guilty verdict on any count meant imprisonment for 10 years to life, not to mention a lifetime of sex offender registration.

  • Dismissal Felony Possession of Controlled Substance

    Police answered a domestic assault call at the client's home. The client insisted that she was not a victim of a domestic assault but police came in and searched her home anyway. They found guns legally purchased and prescription medication belonging to the client.

  • Not Guilty Sex Crime

    Client accused of a serious sex crime was vindicated, saved from lengthy imprisonment and the stigma of lifetime sex offender registration. Six months of diligent preparation was reduced to an intense 2-day trial.

  • Dismissal Interfering With Police

    A client of The Hammer Law Firm was wrongfully charged with Interfering with a Police Officer and Make False Statements while engaged in a domestic dispute regarding the custody of her young child.

  • Dismissal Domestic Assault

    Client was charged with Domestic Assault against his ex-wife and not only faced a criminal record but also risked losing his career - The charge was dismissed!

  • Dismissal Burglary

    A client charged with Burglary in the 1st Degree was facing up to 15 years in prison - the case was dismissed by the State after the successful deposition of the victim by The Hammer Law Firm's attorneys!

  • Dismissal Felony Domestic Assault

    A client charged with Felony Domestic Assault was facing up to seven years in prison - The case was dismissed after skillful lawyering by The Hammer Law Firm's attorneys!

  • Dismissal & Small Fine Sexual Misconduct

    A client was charged with 4 counts of "Sexual Misconduct" in a rural county - All sex charges were dismissed - client pled guilty to one count of "Peace Disturbance" with no probation and a $200 fine!