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Attorney Mark A. Hammer founded our firm with the belief that all individuals charged with a criminal offense deserve to have genuine support throughout the entirety of their case. At The Hammer Law Firm, LLC, we make it our mission to ensure that our clients always have access to our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys when they are in need. As we have proven our ability to be there for our clients during the darkest of times and throughout each step of their legal process, you can be confident that, should you decide to work with our firm, caring legal minds will be by your side.

Here for You Every Step of the Way

Attorneys Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollatti are truly accessible. When you call our firm, you don't get passed off to secretaries, paralegals or voicemails, you get your lawyers. In fact, our attorneys go one step beyond this by providing each of our clients with our direct cell phone information. When you have questions, call us. When you have concerns, call us. When new evidence comes to light or when you wish to discuss something about your case, we will always be there to answer your questions. We consider the services we provide equivalent to doctors who make house calls - we are, in some sense, handling your life and future, and we are always very careful and aware of this responsibility.

Our passion for supporting our clients is not some marketing scheme or superficial tactic we employ, it reflects who we are and what we believe in. We believe that, regardless of the circumstances, clients come to attorneys in times of need, times of fear, and times of uncertainty. Being arrested and charged with a criminal offense is a deeply frightening experience, and we know that when you are unfamiliar with the legal system and what to expect, these fears can be exacerbated immensely. As such, we know that it would simply be wrong for clients to not know about the progress of their case or to not speak with the person they hired to do the job.

While we believe that open, honest, and constant communication is key to supporting our clients through tough times. We also know that communication plays a vital role in their case. Keeping you involved and listening to what you have to say aids our legal team when constructing your defense and navigating your case. For these two reasons alone, there is no reason why your lawyer should deliver anything but the constant support and contact you rightfully deserve and require.

Experience Our Commitment for Yourself. Contact Us Today!

At The Hammer Law Firm, LLC, we practice what we preach and we stand tall by the notion that actions speak louder than words. As such, we encourage you to experience our earnest commitment for yourself by allowing our lawyers to provide you with a free case evaluation. This is your opportunity to find the support you deserve and the representation you need. 

Contact The Hammer Law Firm, LLC today to discuss your legal options in detail.

client testimonials

At The Hammer Law Firm, LLC, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "Thank God for Mark Hammer"

    I cannot begin to explain in words how thankful I am that I contacted the Hammer Law Firm when I found myself facing criminal legal charges. I and my family will always be grateful beyond words for the role that Mark Hammer and The Hammer Law Firm played i

    - Former Client
    "Mark and Nicole are the best law firm partners ever."

    They are professional, courteous, and respectful to both the courts and their clients. This team of professionals is not in business just for the money, they are truly out to help their clients.

    - C.E.
    "He is a gentleman, exudes confidence and relieves stress with his truth."

    After a thorough review, Mark began to address every legal issue confronting our son, he had already done his homework, which began to bring sanity back into our family as we sat there.

    - Ken
    "Phenomenal Experience!!"

    We contacted Mark Hammer for help with our son. Mark was truly amazing! He worked hard for our son, was always a text or phone call away, and we could not have asked (or predicted) a better outcome! Absolutely in awe of him.

    - D.C.
    "You don't know how much of a blessing you are to us"

    Thank you so much, Nicole. I have faith and believe everything that's happening is for a reason. I know everything will be fine and I believe you are going to do everything you can and I'm very grateful for it.

    - C.G.
    "I could not have imagined getting through this difficult and uncertain time without the help of the Hammer Law Firm."

    I absolutely recommend Mark and Nicole to anyone who is needing more than a lawyer, but people who do genuinely care about you and who want to get the best possible outcome to get you through this difficult time.

    - E.M.
    "I have never met such dedicated attorneys that work so hard for the truth to come out at the trial."

    I just wanted to thank you again for your compassion, kindness, and support given to my family throughout this ordeal.  I thank the Hammer Law Firm for not only giving my son his life back but his family as well.

    - Former Client
    "I could call anytime, day or night, and you were there, even when times was bad for you."

    I feel that you were not just our attorneys, but a friend that stood beside us through it all. I could call anytime, day or night, and you were there, even when times were bad for you.

    - V.H.


What Makes Us Different
  • One-On-One Attention
    We work directly with you to determine the best possible outcome based on your goals and needs. We then create personalized legal strategies to set your case up for success.
  • Accessibility & Availability
    Our attorneys pride ourselves on always being available to address any questions you have regarding your case. With our team, you aren't just a number.
  • Unique Legal Insight
    As former prosecutors who know how the 'other side' operates, we have a unique insight that allows us to set our client's cases up for success.
  • Experienced Legal Counsel
    The Hammer Law Firm, LLC team has more than 60 years of combined criminal law experience. We have the tools, knowledge, and resources to effectively advocate on your behalf.
protecting You & Your Future Former Prosecutors With Over 60 Years of Combined Experience

When you want personal support and proven representation, you need to bring The Hammer Law Firm, LLC to the fight.