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The federal government orders all colleges and universities to independently address and investigate all sexual violence and sexual assault accusations involving students. According to Title IX, a federal civil rights law, colleges and universities must conduct disciplinary hearings on sexual violence accusations. In addition, this law mandates that universities and colleges punish any students found who violate sexual consent policies.

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What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on gender. In addition to regulating opportunities like sports and financial assistance, Title IX prohibits conduct like sexual harassment and assault and requires educational organizations to investigate claims of misconduct. The law is designed to protect all students, employees, volunteers, and visitors at academic institutions, regardless of gender.

Any college or university that violates Title IX can be stripped of federal funding.

Understanding Title IX Under Federal Law

This federal civil rights law forbids discrimination based on sex in any activity or educational program that the federal government funds. For this reason, any private or public state school that receives federal funding must comply with this law. If proof determines a college or university has failed to comply, that school will be stripped of all federal funds.

Title IX compels universities and colleges to create systems to investigate reports of sexual violence, interview alleged witnesses, interrogate alleged suspects, collect the necessary evidence, and subject accused students to disciplinary hearings. The consequences of those hearings can carry severe life-altering changes for accused students, such as expulsion from school and the order to carry a “sex offender” label.

Unfortunately, some accused students, who do not comprehend how to safeguard their rights, suffer from permanent scars left on their records, all of which may have been evaded had they hired an experienced Title IX attorney in St. Louis to defend their rights. For this reason, students accused of sexual violence or sexual assault should immediately contact legal representation.

Being accused of sexual misconduct at your college or university is a serious matter that can affect the rest of your life. If you face a Title IX investigation, you likely have countless questions and concerns. While we address some of them below, the best way to answer your inquiries is through free consultation at our St. Louis office.

What are my Rights if Accused of Committing a Title IX Offense?

Because the Title IX investigation occurs within your college or university, your student handbook should outline your rights. As an example, students within the University of Missouri System are entitledto the following:

  • Respectful treatment from university officials
  • Access to campus support resources (unless they are suspended during the investigation)
  • Having an advisor of their choice attend all meetings and proceedings
  • Refusal to have an allegation resolved through certain university procedures or processes
  • An opportunity to present potential witnesses and provide evidence
  • Information regarding their allegations, school policies, and findings
  • A chance to appeal

No matter where you attend school, an experienced Title IX attorney can help you understand your rights inside and outside your academic institution. Title IX allegations sometimes lead to a criminal investigation, so the sooner you retain a lawyer, the stronger your case(s) will be.

What is the Difference Between a Title IX Investigation and a Criminal Investigation?

Your college or university conducts a Title IX investigation, and a criminal investigation is carried out by local law enforcement. These investigations can happen concurrently and independently of one another. A student can be found “not guilty” of sexual assault in criminal court and still face disciplinary actions from their school, for instance, but those found “guilty” in legal proceedings will likely face Title IX consequences as well.

This is due to the lower burden of proof in Title IX investigations. In criminal court, the accused must be proved guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt,” but in civil trials and Title IX proceedings, the accuser’s claim must only be more than 50% likely to be true. This is known as a “preponderance of the evidence.”

While a Title IX investigation will not result in fines or jail time, the consequences can still be severe.

What are the Consequences of a Title IX Offense?

Colleges and universities carry out Title IX investigations and decide how those found liable for sexual misconduct will be punished. Sometimes, students are expelled, but other times, they are suspended or put on probation and/or required to undergo sensitivity training or receive counseling.

The most serious implications for the accused include criminal investigations and marks against their permanent records and reputations. An allegation of sexual assault can follow you for your entire life, so hiring an attorney to clear your name is especially important.

Remember: each Title IX case is different, and a lawyer can help you every step of the way.

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