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Were you arrested for a prostitution-related offense? You are innocent until proven guilty, but time is of the essence. The Hammer Law Firm, LLC specializes in sex crime cases, including charges such as prostitution, patronizing prostitution, and promoting prostitution.

Prostitution definition: "A person commits prostitution if he engages or offers or agrees to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for something of value to be received by the person or by a third person."

Penalties for prostitution range in severity depending on the nature of the offense. Whether you face a misdemeanor or a felony prostitution charge, aggressive defense is essential to avoid serious penalties.

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Prostitution Offenses Under Chapter 567 M.R.S.

Chapter 567 of the Missouri Revised Statutes details all the six major types of prostitution crimes.

1. Prostitution § 567.020

Simple prostitution is charged as a class B misdemeanor. If one of the parties knew they were infected with HIV and did not tell the other party, then prostitution can be charged as a class B felony.

2. Patronizing prostitution § 567.030 

Missouri defines "patronizing prostitution" as:

(a) Giving something of value to another person as compensation for that person or a third person having engaged in sexual conduct with him or with another; or Giving or agreeing to give something of value to another person on an understanding that in return therefor that person or a third person will engage in sexual conduct with him or with another; or Soliciting or requesting another person to engage in sexual conduct with him or with another, or to secure a third person to engage in sexual conduct with him or with another, in return for something of value;

3. Promoting prostitution § 567.050-567.070

There are three degrees of promoting prostitution. First degree is a class B felony, second degree is a class C felony, and third degree is a class D felony. "Promoting prostitution" could mean:

  • Compelling or threatening someone to engage in prostitution
  • Promoting prostitution for someone under 16 years old
  • Managing a prostitution house or business

4. Promoting travel for prostitution § 567.085 

This is a class C felony charged when someone is accused of traveling for the purpose of prostitution or knowingly offering travel services for the purpose of prostitution.

5. Offering travel for the purpose of prostitution § 567.089

It is considered a felony offense to operate a travel agency, charter touring company, or related business for the purpose of prostitution.

6. Persistent prostitution offender § 567.11

It is a class D felony offense to be a persistent prostitution offender. The Missouri Statutes defines this as "a person [who has] pled guilty to or been found guilty of two or more prostitution-related offenses."

FAQs About Prostitution Charges in St. Louis

How does a prostitution charge affect my criminal record?

A conviction for prostitution in Missouri results in a criminal record that can have long-lasting repercussions. This record can impact various aspects of your life, including employment opportunities, housing applications, and professional licensing. The stigma attached to a prostitution charge can also affect personal relationships and social standing. While some may seek to have their records expunged, the eligibility and process for expungement can be complex and not guaranteed.

Can someone be charged with prostitution if no money exchanges hands?

Yes, under state law, a person can be charged with prostitution even if no money exchanges hands, as long as there is an agreement to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for something of value. This could include goods, services, or any other form of compensation. The law is designed to cover a broad range of transactions to effectively address and deter the practice of prostitution in all its forms.

Are there defenses available to fight a prostitution charge?

Several defenses may be available to fight a prostitution charge, depending on the circumstances of the case. Common defenses include lack of evidence, entrapment (where law enforcement induces someone to commit a crime they would not otherwise have committed), and mistaken identity. It is crucial to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can evaluate the specifics of your case and develop an effective defense strategy.

How do undercover operations play a role in prostitution charges?

Undercover operations are frequently used by local and state law enforcement to combat prostitution. Officers may pose as potential clients or sex workers to gather evidence and make arrests. While these operations can be effective in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in prostitution, they can also raise issues of entrapment if the tactics used by law enforcement overstep legal boundaries. Those charged as a result of undercover operations should consult with a lawyer to explore potential defenses.

What steps should I take if I am falsely accused of prostitution?

If you are falsely accused of prostitution, it is essential to take immediate action to protect your rights. First, refrain from making any statements to law enforcement without legal representation. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and begin building a defense. Gathering evidence, such as witness testimonies or alibis, can be crucial in disproving the allegations. Your attorney can also help navigate the legal system and work towards a dismissal of charges or an acquittal.

Are there programs that help individuals charged with prostitution?

Yes, Missouri offers various diversion programs and support services for individuals charged with prostitution. These programs aim to provide alternatives to incarceration and help individuals exit the cycle of prostitution. Services may include counseling, substance abuse treatment, job training, and other support mechanisms. Participation in such programs can sometimes result in reduced charges or alternative sentencing, offering a path towards rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Can prostitution charges be expunged from my record?

Expungement of prostitution charges in Missouri is possible under certain conditions. Eligibility for expungement depends on various factors, including the nature of the offense, the time elapsed since the conviction, and whether the individual has committed any subsequent crimes. Expungement can remove the charges from public records, providing a fresh start. Consulting with an attorney who specializes in expungement can help determine eligibility and navigate the legal process to clear your record.

If you have been accused of any type of prostitution offense, you do have legal options. To receive information about our firm or to tell us about your case in a free, confidential case evaluation, call us at (314) 334-3807.

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