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St. Louis County Now Has a Prescription Drug Monitoring Law

prescription drugs

On Wednesday at the Lawrence K. Roose Governments Building in Clayton, the County Executive of Saint Louis County signed legislation on a new mandatory program called the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. With this new regulated program, lawmakers believe pharmacists and physicians can be more aware of potential abuses of various types of opioid pills and medications. Sadly, these types of medication have caused more than 2,700 fatalities in those areas alone.

The program will also allow other physicians and pharmacists to access patients’ information. Although some believe these infringed the privacy rights of patients, lawmakers have argued that these changes will only benefit patients since the information will not be accessible for outside parties. AS a result, the information will only serve as health information tool.

Until recently, Missouri was the only one of the 50 state that did not have a Prescription Drug Monitor Program in place. Therefore, dealers and opioid users had easier access to prescription drugs such as OxyContin and other forms of painkillers.

As of now, the jurisdiction for which this program will apply has not been announced. The county executive did explain they do not wish to impede on the governance of other counties or cities.

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