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President Obama Continues Pursuit for Drug Sentencing Reform

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According to an article published by The Washington Post, President Barack Obama recently commuted the sentences of 61 prison inmates on Wednesday in an effort to relieve prisoners who received harsh prison sentences during the United States’ war on drugs. Sources state that more than a third of prison inmates throughout the United States were sentenced to lifetime sentences in prison due to drug crimes.

In pursuit of reform, President Obama granted 248 inmates clemency. Officials of the White House state the president will continue to grant clemency to inmates who meet the various guidelines laid out by the United States Department of Justice. As of now, more than 9,115 prisoners have requested clemency and are awaiting approval from the President.

Why is There a Push for a Drug Reform?

Recently, President Obama explained that various American inmates have been facing sentences that saturate the jails of the United States and spend ample amounts of tax dollars. On one social media account, President Obama even stated that the punishments of these inmates did not fit the crimes they committed.

How Can Prisoners Qualify for Clemency?

Prisoners who wish to receive clemency must apply. To do so, they must meet a set of guidelines, including the following:

  • They must have served at least 10 years of their sentence
  • They must have no significant criminal history
  • Their drug crime must not be in connection with organized crime, cartels, or gangs
  • They must have demonstrated good conduct while in prison
  • They must be able to receive a substantially lower sentence if they were convicted of the same crime currently

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