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Missouri Measure May Change Process to Regain Driver's License after a Drunk Driving Offense

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A DWI in Missouri can be a major disruption to a person’s life and may end up costing them more than they expected.

The Associated press has reported that the Democratic governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has recently signed a measure that could allow people who have been convicted of a drunk driving offense to get their licenses back sooner by installing ignition interlock devices (IIDs) on their vehicles for at least six months. Information gathered from the IID is recorded and then sent to authorities to a) ensure compliance, and b) determine how long the IID must be on the vehicle before the driver has permission to have it removed.

Under current law, if an IID finds a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) to be above .08, or if they tamper with the device, the device must remain in the vehicle for another six-month period. This changes under the new law, and would require another three months of restricted driving instead of six if the BAC violation occurs within the last three months of their probationary period. The driver would also need to have no violations for three consecutive months in order to have the IID removed and regain their full driving privileges.

While the measure would ultimately get a driver back on the road sooner, IIDs can be costly – there are fees associated with installation and removal as well as for routine calibration, and drivers will be responsible for paying a monthly fee as well. This could amount to several hundred dollars out of the driver’s pocket depending on state requirements for technology type, reporting functions, and calibration requirements.

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