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KMOV St. Louis News Interviews Attorney Mark Hammer to Talk About Revoking Bonds


Attorney Mark Hammer of The Hammer Law Firm, LLC in St. Louis is known throughout the state for his extensive experience with criminal defense, as well as his respectable work as a former prosecutor. For these reasons, KMOV St. Louis News 4, an ABC affiliate station, recently interviewed him to discuss the appropriate processes to revoke the bond of a criminally charged defendant.

The piece that featured Attorney Hammer focused on the ratio of people in St. Louis who have recently been released on bond while awaiting trial compared to those who were held in jail. Controversy has sparked after a man was charged with violent crimes, was released on bond with a GPS tracker, reportedly violated that bond dozens of times, and allegedly committed another violent crime. The circuit attorney’s office has insisted that it tried to keep the man in jail but only used “oral motions,” meaning that there is no written record of those motions.

In the interview, Attorney Mark Hammer explained that he would consider it unusual to rely on oral motions only, especially when considering bonds and circumstances initiated by the circuit attorney’s office. Throughout his years working on both sides of the court, he has always demanded a written motion and record of any motion to revoke bond. The inconsistency in the motions has cast doubt over the transparency of the circuit attorney’s office, so KMOV St. Louis News 4 has stated it will continue to investigate the situation.

To learn more about this case, and to watch part of Attorney Hammer’s interview, you can click here to visit the official KMOV St. Louis News 4YouTube channel. If you want to work with The Hammer Law Firm for a criminal defense case in St. Louis, then please feel free to contact us at any time. Initial consultations are free for inquiring clients.

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