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Cyber Crimes & Your Rights


Although the World Wide Web brings people together like never before, it also provides endless opportunity for criminals seeking to exploit the trust and vulnerabilities of others. Crimes involving computers and the internet have become one of the fastest-growing types of illegal activity, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Cyber crime describes a broad category of offenses. Some of them have direct ties to computers, such as phishing and hacking, while others are the same as non-computer offenses, like fraud or larceny.

Many who commit cyber crimes must face both state and federal charges. If you have been accused of or arrested for a cyber crime, you must protect your rights and future from criminal conviction.

The following are several steps to take when facing cyber crime allegations:

  • Seek legal counsel from an attorney – If you are being investigated for committing a cyber crime, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. In Missouri and most states, computer and internet crimes are prosecuted as felonies, which are associated with lengthy jail or prison sentences.
  • Explain your mistakes – Computers can experience problems when it comes to downloading content. Images, videos, and other documents can be downloaded by mistake or through a computer glitch.
  • Educate yourself in computers – It is crucial to understand what information was found or may be found on your computer. Educate yourself on what to look for and how the date relates to crimes and your innocence.
  • Obtain assistance from an independent expert – An expert in computer forensics can help you discover evidence that may be overlooked, helping you build a strong defense to fight the charges against you. Hackers typically gain access to a private computer to ensure the individual that takes the fall for crimes is the owner, rather than those who illegally steal information.

For more information, request a free consultation with our St. Louis criminal defense lawyers at The Hammer Law Firm, LLC today.

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