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Missouri Incarceration Rates Among Highest in the Country

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A recent study shows that Missouri is among the top ten states that send the most people to prison. In 2012 along, 31,244 people were sentenced, totaling 518 new prisoners per 100,000 residents. In the same year, there was one convicted prisoner serving at least one year in prison per every 200 people living in Missouri.

These statistics mean that Missouri comes in ninth for states that send the most people to prison.

Missouri's Prison Population Increased in 2012

Although Missouri made the list at ninth, only beating Idaho, it was one of the only states in the nation that actually increased its prison population in 2012. In fact, the same study showed that Missouri prisons were only 100 inmates away from reaching capacity in the same year.

Finding a Solution to Missouri's Alarming Prison Rate

Unfortunately, Missouri is slow to implement alternative sentencing, which could eventually solve the problem. St. Louis criminal defense attorney Nicole Chiravollatti addressed the issue, explaining that the Missouri justice system is not aimed at fixing the state's overpopulated prisons.

“Missouri is not soft on crime and has only just started implementing alternative programs for offenders like drug and veteran courts. Prosecutors and judges are very quick to resort to prison time for offenses committed in Missouri, which is why it is absolutely critical to hire a skilled, experienced attorney if you have been charged with a crime in Missouri.”

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