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Kansas & Missouri Work Together on New Bill to Prevent Gun Violence


A new bill is in the works and is set to unveil on Friday for the states of Missouri and Kansas. The collaboration of two different states on the bill occurs infrequently; not only that, the representatives from each state are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Missouri's representative, Stacey Newman, is a Democrat and Kansas' representative, Barbara Bollier, is a Republican, a compromise across party lines that can make this bill's passage so significant.

Provisions of the New Anti-Gun Bill

For years, the gun laws have maintained that those who are convicted of felonies from purchasing. However, this law does nothing to limit those who already have guns in their home. The proposed bill restricts those who were charged with stalking or other domestic violence issues from not only purchasing a firearm but also from keeping the gun in their home. Furthermore, these individuals will be ordered to dispose of any guns that already own.

These new gun laws are meant to provide the following:

  • More safety for women and families
  • Keep guns out of the homes of convicted offenders
  • Prevent the mentally unfit from causing harm with a gun

The second part of the bill allows family members as well as law enforcement to initiate a temporary restraining order against those who are suffering from a mental illness or are otherwise “in crisis” to keep them from buying and owning a firearm. The makings of this portion of the bill began in the aftermath of the apartments shootings that took place last year by the University of California Santa Barbara campus.

Promoting the Bill in Pro-Gun States

Many in Kansas, and Missouri in particular, have communities that are forthright about their advocacy for the right to bear arms. Some argue that this the bill is yet another in a series of proposed legislation meant to strip citizens of this right. Other state political officials have little faith that the bill will be passed. That is why Rep. Bollier and Rep. Newman created the organization, American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention, to help promote their and gain support from other states.

Thoughts on this from our attorney: “If you are charged with a crime in the state of Missouri, and you own a firearm, you need to know your gun rights and how they will be affected by a criminal arrest, charge or conviction. We are very knowledgeable about gun owners' rights and how they are negatively impacted by criminal arrests, charges, and convictions. As an airline pilot, Mr. Hammer was a Federal Flight Desk Officer with the Department of Homeland Security for many years and is very experienced in this practice area.”

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