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Stories in “Hidden Faces of Courage” Lends a Voice to Incarcerated Women Leaving Prison

Hidden Faces of Courage

Women who are convicted of criminal charges have different experiences than men, from the initial criminal process all the way to imprisonment. Adapting back into the regular society is no easy feat, and one would argue that these are arguably more challenging than the ones that men face.

There has not yet been enough discussion over the fact that women are being discriminated over in the workforce when they have a criminal history. There is some reluctance over whether or not to trust someone who may be considered a liability. This line of reasoning is likely due to ignorance, and that is what “Hidden Voices of Courage” seeks to address.

A Different Lifestyle on the Outside

What is readily apparent is that the lifestyle while imprisoned is far and away different from the average person's lifestyle. Imprisonment is meant to strip a convicted person of their basic civil rights. While these points may seem obvious, surprisingly little is done to mobilize and improve the quality of lives for those who have paid their dues.

Returning to the life one once had prior to a criminal conviction cannot be as simple as picking up the pieces. Women have left their children and families, their career, and everything that was once familiar all behind. One may become accustomed to that lifestyle that it takes a period of adjustment to change that, and there are so few resources available, especially for women, to smooth out that transition. The other problem is that the outside world continues to change while life in prison stays fairly stagnant. Not to mention that there are many who suffer from physical and emotional abuse during imprisonment.

What “Hidden Faces of Courage” Hopes to Achieve

Rather than stigmatizing women, relegating them to the margins and ignoring the problem, the program, “Hidden Faces of Courage” points out that there needs to be treatment, rehabilitation, and above all else, nurturing for the women who have been broken down by the system.

According to our attorney: “Women face unique challenges in the criminal justice system, which makes skilled advocacy for them even more critical. Many times women charged with crimes are the primary caregivers for their children and are facing the terrible possibility of losing their children. Also, many of the women that we work with have a history of physical or sexual abuse which led them to drug abuse, which ultimately led to their criminal behavior. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of women who have been charged with crimes and work closely with our female clients to achieve results that will not only help them get their lives back on track, but will also keep them from losing their children.”

For more information about “Hidden Faces of Courage,” or if you would like assistance with your criminal case, please contact The Hammer Law Firm today. Our St. Louis criminal defense lawyers are ready to help!

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