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Fourth Consecutive Trial Win for The Hammer Law Firm, LLC


Last night, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY, another trial victory for The Hammer Law Firm! Another client accused of a serious sex crime was vindicated, saved from lengthy imprisonment and the stigma of lifetime sex offender registration. The client was a law enforcement official and his accuser was a relative’s teenage daughter. Six months of diligent preparation was reduced to an intense two-day trial. An hour after closing arguments, the jury returned its not guilty verdict.

It is an extraordinary privilege to help good people in their darkest times, when lives can be saved with hard work and dedication. And it seems like that hard work is paying off. This verdict is the fourth trial win in a row for The Hammer Law Firm, LLC.

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of every case; each case is different and there are a lot of variables. But the St. Louis criminal defense attorneys at The Hammer Law Firm, LLC will always guarantee that their clients lives are important and their legal problems will be handled with great attention, empathy and intellect. If your case demands that kind of care, give us a call.

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