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Mark Hammer Appointed Lead Panel Attorney

Mark Hammer

St. Louis criminal defense Attorney Mark Hammer was recently appointed “Lead Panel Attorney” in the Eastern District of Missouri's Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Program. He has been appointed “Lead Panel Attorney” each year for the past three years.

Attorney Hammer was appointed by the Eastern District to represent criminal defendants in the Eastern District (federal court) who cannot afford legal representation. He was selected to be a Lead Panel Attorney because of his extensive trial experience. Mark has represented indigent clients on serious felony cases, including those involving drug, weapons, and fraud charges. Attorney Nicole Chiravollatti has also recently submitted her application to be appointed as a “Lead Panel Attorney” with the CJA as well, and hopes to join Mark very soon in this important service to indigent defendants facing serious criminal charges in federal court.

Attorney Hammer's appointment is demonstrative of both his professional abilities as a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer and his passion for helping others navigate difficult times. Attentive and compassionate for all clients, Mark is committed to giving back to the local St. Louis community by providing exceptional legal representation to those who cannot afford such service. In private practice with The Hammer Law Firm, LLC, Attorneys Hammer and Chiravollatti also dedicate their time and services for many charitable causes. For example, the firm provides one client with free legal services each year during the Christmas holiday. You can read more about this tradition on our previous blog.

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