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Our Legal Team Has Decades of Experience

Clients in need of representation during criminal cases have many choices. Few of these lawyers that a client can choose from, however, possess the unique level of experience and insight held by our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys. As former criminal prosecutors who draw from more than 30 years of experience, Attorneys Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollatti know the "other side," and use this knowledge to effectively act as bold advocates against even the most skilled and ruthless prosecutors. When you need representation to defend against the charges and penalties you face, you need to bring proven legal warriors to the fight.

Why working with former prosecutors can help:

  • Insight into the other side’s playbook
  • Knowledge of how charges are filed and dropped
  • Knowledge of the government’s obligations and procedures
  • Understanding of pre-file intervention to prevent charges
  • Strong relationships that can be leveraged

How Our Experience as Prosecutors Helps You

The accusations you face are made by a prosecutor. On their side of the legal arena, they have the comfort of making you prove them wrong. As former prosecuting lawyers, our team knows the tactics prosecutors use to make their cases because we've used them ourselves. We can precisely anticipate their strategies and negate them in your favor. Our years spent on the other side of legal proceedings have prepared us thoroughly for careers in criminal defense, and we utilize that experience in every case we handle.

Learn what you should expect after an arrest and how we can help.

Knowing the strategies and tactics prosecutors employ allows our firm to establish options to produce a favorable resolution. We are prepared for their case to the point that we can anticipate their plan before they begin to carry it out. As former prosecutors turned criminal defense lawyers, we also realize that when prosecutors are intent and focused on a conviction, they all too often turn a blind eye to the things that compromise their case against a defendant. Our insight and versatile experiences enable our legal team to understand the vulnerabilities of prosecutors and law enforcement officers, and we harness this knowledge to your full advantage.

Our legal team is constantly at work in courts throughout the state. We have cultivated a solid reputation and positive relationships with prosecuting attorneys, judges, and other legal peers. They know that we have experience on the both sides of legal proceedings, and they are often much less willing to challenge our experience and skills because they recognize that we have the capability to dismantle the prosecution's case. Our dedication to maintaining credibility, trust, and professional respect is an additional layer to our practice's foundation that we rely on as we serve our clients.

St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Fight for You

Our lawyers' careers as former prosecutors afford our legal team an element of experience that has been a driving force behind our success. We use every opportunity these attributes create to the full advantage of our clients and are able to provide them with a level of representation rarely available elsewhere. We invite you to learn more about the ways in which former prosecutors who have become criminal defense attorneys can make the difference in your case during a free case evaluation. Bring former prosecutors to the fight for you. Contact a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer from The Hammer Law Firm, LLC today.

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