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A violent crime is defined as an offense in which a person threatens or uses force upon another person. The violence could be the objective of the crime, such as a murder, or it could be the method in which another crime was committed, such as a robbery. Violent crimes could include any of the following:

Armed Robbery - This is the act of stealing or attempting to steal someone else's property, while using a weapon or something that appears to be a weapon. Persons convicted of armed robbery, also known as aggravated robbery, could face felony charges.

Assault - Assault is causing or attempting to cause physical injury or fear of physical harm to another person. This type of offense could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the seriousness of the act.

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Domestic Violence - This can be any type of physical or emotional abuse that is committed by one family member or household member to another. Offenses include assault, neglect, threats, stalking, or harassment.

Manslaughter / Murder - Manslaughter and murder are different legal classifications for the unlawful killing another human being. If the killing was done without planning, then it is classified as manslaughter. If the killing was done with forethought, then it is classified as murder.

Vehicular Manslaughter - This is defined as the killing of a person while operating a vehicle negligently. Vehicular manslaughter could result from actions such as drunk driving or breaking traffic laws.

If you are facing one of these charges, then be sure to call our St. Louis violent crime lawyers at The Hammer Law Firm, LLC. Violent crimes are often charged with felony penalties, resulting in a lengthy prison sentence, hefty fines, and life-changing repercussions.

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