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Are you facing a cocaine-related criminal arrest or charge? In Missouri, cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug, which means that it has a high potential for abuse and is illegal. Because of the dangers linked to cocaine use, the Missouri justice system implements harsh penalties for any cocaine-related crimes. This includes Mo. Rev. Stat. §195.02 (Possession of Cocaine) and Mo. Rev. Stat. § 95.211 (Distribution, Delivery, and Manufacturing). If you were arrested, speak with a defense attorney from The Hammer Law Firm, LLC today.

Possession of Cocaine
According to §195.02 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, a standard possession charge for cocaine is a Class C felony. In addition to fines and collateral repercussions, a Class C felony is punishable by up to seven years imprisonment. Possession of any drug paraphernalia related to cocaine may also subject you to a Class A misdemeanor. The penalties you face are dependent upon the amount of cocaine involved and your prior criminal record.

Distribution, Delivery, and Manufacturing of Cocaine
The Missouri Revised Statutes §195.211 makes the distribution, delivery, and manufacturing of cocaine a Class B felony. If the offense occurs where children are present, near schools, or on public property, charges may be elevated to a Class A felony. Sentencing for a Class B felony carries a minimum term of 5 years imprisonment to a maximum of 15 years. Class A felonies are punishable by no less than 10 years in prison, up to 30 years in prison, or a life sentence. The severity of the allegations and your prior criminal record will impact the actual sentencing in your case.

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Trafficking of Cocaine
Trafficking is a crime reserved for the distribution, delivery, or manufacturing of more than 150 grams of cocaine. If the quantity of cocaine is more than 150 grams but less than 450 grams, the crime will be prosecuted as a Class A felony, punishable by a minimum of 10 years in prison. If the amount exceeds 450 grams, Class A felony sentencing will be applied without probation or parole. Trafficking charges and penalties for crack cocaine are as follows: Class A felony sentencing for more than 8 grams of crack cocaine and Class A felony sentencing without probation or parole for more than 24 grams of crack cocaine.

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Given the varying degrees of allegations and circumstances, our St. Louis criminal defense lawyers handle all drug crimes on an individual basis. As we have spent decades handling cocaine drug crime cases from both sides of the legal arena, we know the avenues for relief that may be available for a variety of situations. First-time offenders, for example, may be able to pursue alternative sentencing options that allow them to obtain treatment in lieu of incarceration.

Regardless of the circumstances involved in your case, our legal team listens carefully to your situation and conducts extensive investigations into the arresting protocol of officers and the evidence involved. We develop a set of options we can pursue and elect the most viable strategy to fight for a dismissal or reduction of your charges. If you would like to learn more about the specific charges you face and how The Hammer Law Firm, LLC can help, please contact a St. Louis drug crime attorney as soon as possible.

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