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Although public opinion regarding the ways in which the criminal justice system handles drug offenders has begun to shift with considerable momentum, America's war on drugs still leaves little room for compassion and understanding. Drug crimes are among the most common criminal offense and can range in severity and type. While cases are unique, harsh punishments are inherent to all drug charges. If you or someone you love is currently facing a drug allegation, The Hammer Law Firm, LLC has the depth of experience needed to handle all misdemeanor, felony, and federal drug charges, including:

  • Trafficking, distribution, and sales
  • Manufacturing and marijuana cultivation
  • Possession
  • Prescription drug fraud and prescription drug crimes
  • Federal drug charges
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Penalties posed by these drug crimes will largely depend on the charge, the controlled substance involved, and your prior criminal history. Multiple convictions, for example, can subject you to heightened punishments, which can include large fines and terms of imprisonment. Missouri allows for prosecutors to elevate punishment for habitual offenders to a level higher than the typical charge for the offense involved. This means that if you are charged with a crime that is considered a Class C felony and have been convicted of a prior charge, you may be subjected to sentencing guidelines for a Class B felony, although circumstances can vary. Missouri defines habitual offenders as:

  • Prior offender - a person who has plead or been found guilty of one felony
  • Persistent offender - a person who has pleaded or been found guilty of two or more felonies committed at different times
  • Persistent misdemeanor offender - a person who has pleaded or been found guilty of two or more Class A or B misdemeanors committed at different times

The controlled substance involved also plays a role in the charge and sentence pursued. Cases that involve controlled substances such as cocaine and methamphetamines are pursued aggressively by law enforcement officers and prosecutors because they are considered dangerous drugs. Even pseudoephedrine, a precursor chemical used to manufacture methamphetamine, has become targeted by Missouri, subjecting people who possess more than the legal amount to serious consequences.

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Regardless of the drug charge you or your loved one may be facing, you can be confident knowing that our St. Louis Criminal defense attorneys have spent decades handling a variety of drug crime cases as both defense lawyers and former prosecutors. We draw from this experience when conducting thorough investigations that allow our legal team to challenge all evidence in your case.

Our skills as negotiators and trial attorneys also afford us a level of dexterity that can be used to produce the most favorable resolutions possible. While dismissals and not guilty verdicts are our objectives, certain cases may also be handled by fighting for reduced or alternative sentencing options that allow you to preserve you freedom and future. Drug courts, for example, offer an alternative to incarceration that aim to allow defendants to receive the treatment they need and maintain a clean criminal record if all terms are met.

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If you or your loved one has been charged, retaining experienced representation can make all the difference in your case. Our St. Louis drug crime attorneys fight aggressively and intelligently on behalf of our clients, and we urge you to find out precisely what we can do to defend against the charges you face.

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