How Long Will a Juvenile Crime Stay On Your Record?

How Long Will a Juvenile Crime Stay On Your Record?

Parents of children who have been processed through the juvenile criminal justice system commonly worry about how a juvenile criminal record will impact their child’s future. Juveniles too, as they come of legal age and begin to become contributing members of society, also have concerns about how a criminal record may impact their opportunities in life, including their efforts to attend higher education, rent or purchase a home, and obtain a job.

At The Hammer Law Firm, LLC, our St. Louis criminal defense lawyers have helped many young clients and their parents after they were charged with juvenile crimes. Aside from advocating aggressively on their behalves and fighting for the best possible resolution, our team also takes the time to address client concerns and how criminal records may impact juveniles in the future.

In Missouri, state law typically calls for most juvenile criminal records to be hidden from public view. There are exceptions to this, especially when a juvenile is charged with a serious offense or when they are tried as an adult. In any situation, youth and their parents can still request that courts seal, or expunge, court records. Once sealed, details of an arrest, case, and conviction will be only viewable by court order. Juveniles will also not have to disclose any information about a sealed juvenile record to potential employers or others who may request this information.

Whether or not you or your child may be eligible to seal a juvenile record will depend on the unique facts of your situation. Here are some details:

  • You can request to seal a juvenile court record any time after the age of 17, provided that a judge from the juvenile court determines that expunging the record is in your best interests.
  • For juvenile cases that may last beyond a juvenile’s 17 birthday, you can request an expungement once the case is closed.
  • In order to begin the process, you will need to file a motion in the juvenile court where your case and charges were handled.

Sealing a juvenile record can be a challenging process, especially if the crime was considered a serious offense, the juvenile has multiple cases on their record, or if they were tried as adults, among other factors. The process may also vary from County to County. Because of this, it is important to work with experienced attorneys who can fully evaluate your situation, determine your eligibility, and provide the representation needed to effectively pursue an expungement.

Our legal team at The Hammer Law Firm, LLC believes that young people who have completed their cases deserve every opportunity possible to put their mistakes in the past and move forward without the consequences and challenges that come with a criminal record. While many believe in second chances for juveniles, there are still consequences to being charged with a crime. In some cases, these consequences can be incredibly severe, such as the controversial use of life sentences in juvenile cases.

Because we believe strongly in ensuring that youth are treated fairly in our criminal justice system, we provide zealous defense and support to youth and their families after charges have been filed, and after cases are completed and juveniles wish to seal their records. We are passionate about helping clients navigate the legal process involved and are available to discuss your situation personally to see how we may be able to help you or your child.

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