Meth Production Increases in St. Louis

New reports from Missouri law enforcement agencies are revealing alarming trends about methamphetamine production – its becoming increasingly common in St. Louis. In fact, officials are saying that meth labs – referring to the places where methamphetamine is "cooked" – are moving from the state's rural areas to more urban locations. St. Louis City and St. Louis County are seeing a dramatic increase in rates of meth manufacturing.

What's the reason for higher numbers and this meth migration? According to state officials, it is because many communities in St. Louis County have yet to pass laws that make pseudoephedrine – the key component used to make meth – available by prescription only.

Currently, pseudoephedrine is regulated under Missouri law. For example, retailers are prohibited from selling more than 9 grams of pseudoephedrine products within a 30-day period and more than 3.6 grams of pseudoephedrine products within 24 hours. These regulations are meant specifically to reduce the likelihood of individuals purchasing large amounts of medications in order to manufacture meth.

While these laws have helped curb methamphetamine production, many jurisdictions are going further by requiring any product containing pseudoephedrine to be sold as a prescription medication. In Missouri, 70 communities have prescription pseudoephedrine laws and have seen significant reductions in meth production. In St. Louis County, there are only a few cities with pseudoephedrine prescription laws.

Because law enforcement officers throughout the country are intent on eradicating methamphetamines, it is highly possible that more prescription pseudoephedrine laws will pass. Regardless of what happens in the future, however, local residents should still be aware that they can face criminal allegations for possessing excessive amounts of pseudoephedrine. Depending on the circumstances, other drug crime charges may be involved, including the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

If you or your loved one has recently been arrested and charged for a crime related to methamphetamine or pseudoephedrine, a St. Louis drug crime attorney from The Hammer Law Firm, LLC is prepared to review your case and discuss your defense. Learn more about the ways in which an experienced criminal defense lawyer in St. Louis can help by contacting us.

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