St. Louis Law Enforcement Targets New Synthetic Drug

St. Louis Law Enforcement Targets New Synthetic Drug

A new synthetic drug called "N-Bomb" has been turning up on St. Louis streets, according to state officials. Also known as "Smiles" or "Happy," N-Bomb is a designer drug that earned its name from its chemical makeup, 25I-NBOMe. It is a hallucinogen made from mescaline and has similar properties to LSD. It can be ingested in liquid form, on a blotter, or as a powder.

N-Bomb may not be a new drug, but its appearance on the streets of St. Louis certainly is. Its use is also steadily increasing. According to officials from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, N-Bomb has caused several deaths throughout the country due to its effects of the kidneys. It also has a negative effect on mental health, which has prompted many to compare it to bath salts, another synthetic drug that garnered national attention for its dangerous and unpredictable effects on users.

Missouri's Tough Stance on Controlled Substances

Law enforcement agencies throughout St. Louis, Missouri, and the nation have been focusing their attention on this new synthetic drug. Many states have already classified it as a controlled substance. Just as with any other illegal drug, possessing, manufacturing, or selling N-Bomb can come with serious penalties.

The fact that authorities are quick to crack down on the new drug illustrates a consistently tough stance on drug use. In Missouri, individuals who are arrested with N-Bomb or other controlled substances – including methamphetamine – face serious criminal repercussions such as fines and possible terms of imprisonment. Penalties will also be enhanced if defendants have been previously convicted of drug crimes.

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