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Our firm's St. Louis criminal defense lawyers, Attorneys Mark Hammer and Nicole Chiravollatti, have been able to use decades of experience, careers as former prosecutors, and a genuine passion for defending the rights of clients to build a record of success. Our legal team is committed to securing the best possible resolutions for our clients, and throughout the years, we've proven that we have what it takes to get the result clients need. Take a moment to view a few of our recent case results.

Client charged with assault 1st° and armed criminal action-case dismissed two weeks before trial!

Another victory for The Hammer Law Firm, LLC!

The client was accused in a rural county of running over his girlfriend with his car. After a recorded preliminary hearing, depositions of the victim and an independent investigation, Mr. Hammer was prepared to prove at trial that the girlfriend had jumped on the client's windshield to stop him from leaving, and the client fled to avoid people who were surrounding his car. She suffered minor injuries when she rolled off the car.

Case dismissed!

Charges Dismissed - Unlawful Use of a Weapon" and "Assault as a Hate Crime”

Client charged with the felonies of "Unlawful Use of a Weapon" and "Assault as a Hate Crime” - All felonies dismissed - client pled guilty to “Peace Disturbance” and a minimal fine.

Charges Dismissed - 4 counts of "Sexual Misconduct

Client charged with 4 counts of "Sexual Misconduct" in a rural county - All sex charges dismissed - client pled guilty to one count of "Peace Disturbance" with no probation and a $200 fine!

Case Dismissed for Felony Domestic Assault Charge

Client charged with Felony Domestic Assault was facing up to seven years in prison - Case dismissed after skillful lawyering by The Hammer Law Firm's attorneys!

Case Dismissed for 1st Degree Burglary Charge

Client charged with Burglary in the 1st Degree was facing up to 15 years in prison - case dismissed by the State after successful deposition of victim by The Hammer Law Firm's attorneys!

Not Guilty Verdict for Peace Disturbance & Resisting Arrest

The Hammer Law Firm won a Not Guilty verdict in Jefferson County Circuit Court for their client charged with Peace Disturbance and Resisting arrest.

Domestic Assault Charge

Client was charged with Domestic Assault against his ex-wife and not only faced a criminal record, but also risked losing his career - Charge dismissed!

Charged with Interfering with a Police Officer and Making False Statements

A client of The Hammer Law Firm was wrongfully charged with Interfering with a Police Officer and Make False Statements while engaged in a domestic dispute regarding the custody of her young child.

All charges dismissed!!

Client accused of a serious sex crime found not guilty

Client accused of a serious sex crime was vindicated, saved from lengthy improsonment and the stigma of lifetime sex offender registration. Six months of diligent preparation was reduced to an intense 2-day trial. An hour after closing arguments, the jury returned its not guilty verdict.

Client charged with felony possession of a controlled substance

Police answered a domestic assault call at the client's home. The client insisted that she was not a victim of a domestic assault but police came in and searched her home anyway. The find guns legally purchased and prescription medication belonging to the client. The client was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and offered a deal to testify against her spouse, a felon, that the guns belonged to him.


Lab results concluded that the controlled substance was prescribed (so the possession was lawful) and the client does not have to testify against her spouse.


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